Walmart is the latest to join the new growing trend of the the establishment and use of digital identities, via attestations and already established consumer databases. Companies such as Mastercard, Bank of America, Facebook/”Libra”, Ontology, EOS, Cardano, Piiggy Bank, Coinbase, and more, all have functional products digital identity projects, or products that will be released soon.

Nike files for “CRYPTOKICKS Trademark for Cryptocurrency Services and More

Trademark filed by NIKE for “CRYPTOKICKS” Cryptocurrency Services, App, Coin, Products, and More

Footwear and sports apparel giant Nike secured a trademark for “CRYPTOKICKS” and alluded to its intent to pursue a wide array of blockchain-related services.On Apr. 19th Nike filed a trademark for the word mark “CRYPTOKICKS” with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for use in a wide array of cryptocurrency-related goods and services. The registration is currently live.


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